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TAT Presents ‘Find Your Amazing’
Published date : May 24,2013

Thailand has been long recognized as one of the most beautiful countries in the world but there’s so much more to Thailand than its stunning white-sand beaches and rolling mountains. The Land of Smiles evokes thoughts of mouth-watering cuisine, rich culture and some of the happiest people on the planet. All of these qualities, along with numerous others, make for vacation memories that last a lifetime. 

Don’t leave your memories behind in Thailand, take time to relive them, or become inspired to create new ones, on the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s all new virtual travel destination, Find Your Amazing. Discover where the best bowl of noodles is, exchange rock-climbing stories or just get lost in a digital daydream. No matter how you spend your time on Find Your Amazing you’re sure to unearth your inner wanderlust.


With so many unique attributes, Amazing Thailand has something for everyone and it’s no wonder why so many people share a mutual love for Thailand. Whether you’re on the quest for the most lavish, romantic honeymoon there is, trying to decide where to take your next family vacation or looking to discover the best that eco-tourism in Thailand has to offer you’ve come to the right place. Find Your Amazing is here to inspire your journeys and become your go-to virtual travel community.

Rediscover the special moments from your journey that captivated you the most and discover new ones. Your stories are unique and now they’ve got a place on the internet to live that’s just as special. Even if you have yet to take the trip of a lifetime to Thailand, finding your amazing is as simple as stopping by our new site dedicated to curating endless travel inspiration.


So, you want to upload your extraordinary experiences to Find Your Amazing, what’s next?

Sharing your prized travel memories is as simple as tweeting using the hashtag #FindYourAmazing or by clicking here to login with Facebook. If you haven’t caught the social bug yet, don’t worry, you can click here to register via email and begin uploading your memories today. Remember, Find Your Amazing is so much more than a place to share your stories, it also holds the key to all the travel inspiration you need.

Stumble upon an awesome story from a fellow traveler that inspires you completely? Share it with the social sphere via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and/or Instagram by clicking directly on the post to share it with your followers.

Don’t take it from us; experience all that Find Your Amazing has to offer and take a virtual vacation today! You won’t be disappointed.