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Baan Krua Nhua community is located on the bank of Klong Saen Saeb River, Soi Kasemsan, Ratchathevee, Bangkok. It is the area of the Cham people since the reign of King Rama I. The Cham people usually work as fisherman and silk weaver. The silk weaving of Baan Krua Nhua is outstanding and has been descended since after the WWII.

From this folk wisdom made Jim Thompson, the famous proprietor, fascinated in Thai silk. He supported silk weaving of this community and bought it into his own company. Therefore, this is why the brand Jim Thompson was popular over the world. 

Nowadays, the people in this community still keep the silk weaving profession. The uniqueness of the silk is the high quality texture with delicate silk, beautiful color and durability. After Jim Thompson disappeared, many families turn to other profession. However, it is still guaranteed that the left ones are still in high quality. 

Baan Krua Nhua community is another interesting tourist attraction in the heart of Bangkok. The tourists can see the weaving process every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and can also visit the Jim Thompson house nearby.

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