Khun Yuam Indigenous Cultural Center
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Mae Hong Son
Category : Museums

Khun Yuam Indigenous Cultural Center Khun Yuam District is famous for its beautiful winter tree marigold field. For those visiting in other seasons or those keen on historical and cultural tourism, Khun Yuam Indegenous Cultural Center, also known as World War II Museum, is another recommended attraction. The center is located opposite to Wat Muay Tor, on Highway No. 108, near the 200th kilometer stone. Visitors can walk there as it is located not far from the district center.     Even though with limited space, the center can effectively inform visitors of the story of the Second World War. There is an exhibition of equipment and tools of the Japanese troop which arrived in the area of Khun Yuam District during wartime. Some war equipment on display includes remains of various vehicles, carts, survival kits, trunks, oil tanks and kettles. In addition, the place is also an assembly point of arts and handicrafts of Shan and other mountain tribal people.  This Thai-Japanese friendship memorial monument, or World War II Museum, is the burying ground for thousands of Japanese soldiers in the Second World War after the Japanese troop was defeated in India and Burma. The troop retreated into Thailand via Khun Yuam District and some of the soldiers died here. There is a small monument in front of the museum which was engraved with memorial words for the soldiers who passed away during the war.  The building of Khun Yuam Indigenous Cultural Center is divided into two connecting rooms, one on the left and another on the right. There is a separate path to the most important room, the Emperor Room, which is decorated with black-and-white photographs in different sizes. At the front of the room is a Japanese silk banner written with Japanese letters. This was the handwriting of Emperor Hirohito granted to the Japanese troop. The content regards the reasons for which Japan had to join the Second World War. Khun Yuam Indigenous Cultural Center is open daily from 8.30-16.30. Entrance fee is 10 baht. No photography is allowed.      

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