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What types of accommodation are available in Thailand?

A myriad of accommodation options is available throughout Thailand, ranging from 5-star luxury hotels to simple tents and bungalows. The price and type of lodging facilities on offer is associated with location, with Bangkok and major tourist cities boasting some of the best hotels in the world, while rudimentary rooms are more common in rural areas.

Regardless, all types of accommodation in Thailand are known for being clean, efficient, and friendly, with world-class service and unbeatable hospitality that comes naturally for all Thais. In addition to type of accommodation, prices vary depending on the time of the year. Nationwide, they are at their highest during the cool season (Nov-Feb) and are less during the hot season (Mar-May) and rainy season (Jun-Oct). The only exception is Bangkok, where occupancy rate is typically high throughout the year and prices remain relatively fixed. Hotels in Chiang Mai and Phuket are often fully booked during the cool season. From Dec 15-Jan 15, prices will increase even further as this is the peak time for tourism

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