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Animal Welfare Foundation

This animal shelter covers a total area of 38 rai to take care of, not only dogs but also, cats, cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep. Animals are so cute you like to pet them? Adoption are available. Opening hours: Daily 8...

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Aquarium(Ang Thong)

This marine aquarium is home to a wide variety of local fish, such as gourami (“Rad”) or Pangasius (“Sawai”). Amazon serpent-headed fish take top spot, however, in terms of fish population, and vi...

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Aquatic life
Aquatic life(Bangkok)

Aquatic Life – Science Center for Education Aquatic life of many animals is the result from changes and evolution according to the time and the balance of nature. This consists of various kinds of habitats. Nature...

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Ban Maeo Thai Boran
Ban Maeo Thai Boran(Samut Songkhram)

Ban Maeo Thai Boran is a living information center for purebred Siamese cats, a special breed of Thai felines known the world over. Siamese cats are known for their cleverness, grace and amicable personality. Here, visi...

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Bangkok Aquarium
Bangkok Aquarium(Bangkok)

Bangkok Aquariam was established in 1940. It is aimed at spreading knowledge and information on different types of aquatic animals and promoting mindfulness of the human instinct to preserve aquatic animals in public. In...

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Bats at Wat Chantharam

The highlight of this temple is its nocturnal inhabitants: bats. The area is densely forested, making it a perfect habitat for bats and birds that have called the area home for hundreds of years. During the day, visitors...

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Bee Farm
Bee Farm(Lop Buri)

This bee farm serves a double purpose, first as a honey and bee product manufacturing site, and second, as a training and information center on bee cultivation. Natural products such as royal jelly, sunflower honey, natu...

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Bueng Chawak
Bueng Chawak(Suphan Buri)

This natural freshwater lake was renovated into a prime tourist destination and covers an expansive 1,080 acres. The lake was declared a wildlife sanctuary area in 1983, and its great variety of flora and fauna spurred t...

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Bungborraped Freshwater Aquarium

This 37-meter-by-49-meter aquarium was built in the shape of a typical Thai barge, used to transport goods such as rice via the great Chao Phraya River. Stepping inside, a lengthy aquarium displays more than 100 species ...

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Chainat Bird Park
Chainat Bird Park(Chai Nat)

Built in 1983, Chai Nat Bird Park is the largest aviary in Asia, where over 100 bird species live and flourish in natural surroundings. Over 60 other cages of birds populate the park. Small man-made waterfalls, gardens, ...

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