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Bueng  Chawak
Bueng  Chawak(Suphan Buri)

Bueng Chawak was originally a part of Tha Chin River. After a period of times, a part or the river branched off to form a crescent shaped lake tht took up some areas of Doem Bang Nang Buat district, Suphan Buri province,...

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Bueng kluea
Bueng kluea(Roi Et)

Situated in Tambon Bueng Kluea, it is a large lake covering a total area of 7,500 rai, with water all year round. There is a vast white sandy beach on the bank, lined up with raft restaurants. It is one of the favourite ...

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Bueng Nong Sarai Histrorical Site

The huge lake was involved in the war when King Naresuan defeated the Burmese troops. With water supply that could feed an army of over 100,000 warriors, elephants and horses as well as the better location over the hill ...

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Bueng Rahan
Bueng Rahan(Suphan Buri)

The large lake is 38 kilometres from Amphoe Mueang. Restaurants and the rest area around the lake makes it a nice place for relaxing

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Bueng Sam Phan
Bueng Sam Phan(Phetchabun)

It is a 3 kilometre-long canal with clear water throughout the year. It is a pond for agricultural purposes and for fish breeding. By the pond lie restaurants. Every year during November, Bueng Sam Phan District will org...

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Bueng Si Fai
Bueng Si Fai(Phichit)

Bueng Si Fai is a large fresh-water lake to the south of town. It is a Fishery Department's facility to breed fresh-water. Along the banks is a delightfully landscaped park suitable for rest and recreation. The scenery i...

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Bueng Thap Tae
Bueng Thap Tae(Uthai Thani)

It is the source of various fish, so local people live by using water from this swamp and fishing. In winter, grebes from other regions will migrate to this swamp. In addition, on the side of the swamp near Ban Tha Thong...

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Bung Boraphet
Bung Boraphet(Nakhon Sawan)

Bung Boraphet Fishery Development Station Take the Nakhon Sawan-Chum Saeng route (Highway No. 225) for about 9 kilometers, then turn right for 2 kilometers to Bung Boraphet Fishery Development Station.  Inside is a ...

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Bung Thale Ban

Bung Thale Ban is a large swamp situates in the middle of a valley surrounded by Chin and Wang Pra Mountains. The swamp covers an area of 320 square kilometers and is full of freshwater fish and shells. The park built a ...

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Chao Phraya Dam
Chao Phraya Dam(Chai Nat)

The nation’s first large dam is located at the bend of the Bang Krabian River, Mu 3, Tambon Bang Luang. With a total length of 237.5 metres and a height of 16.5 metres, this reinforced concrete dam is built across ...

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