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Bangkok Bike Tour

Bangkok Bike Adventure takes you to a massive green oasis, full of twisted water canal ways, traditional local life, floating markets, ancient temples, peaceful wildlife and much more. We go to a true hidden gem, located...

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Bueng Chawak Chaloem Phrakiat

This natural freshwater lake was renovated into a prime tourist destination and covers an expansive 1,080 acres. The lake was declared a wildlife sanctuary area in 1983, and its great variety of flora and fauna spurred t...

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Bueng kluea
Bueng kluea(Roi Et)

Situated in Tambon Bueng Kluea, it is a large lake covering a total area of 7,500 rai, with water all year round. There is a vast white sandy beach on the bank, lined up with raft restaurants. It is one of the favourite ...

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Bueng Nong Sarai Histrorical Site

The huge lake was involved in the war when King Naresuan defeated the Burmese troops. With water supply that could feed an army of over 100,000 warriors, elephants and horses as well as the better location over the hill ...

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Bueng Rahan
Bueng Rahan(Suphan Buri)

The large lake is 38 kilometers from Amphoe Mueang, the main town district in Suphan Buri. Restaurants and a rest area dot the perimeter of the lake and make Bueng Rahan an ideal relaxation spot.

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Bueng Sam Phan
Bueng Sam Phan(Phetchabun)

Located in Tambon Sap Samo Thot, 5 kilometers from Bueng Sam Phan District Office, lies the lake of Bueng Sam Phan. The 3 kilometer-long canal boasts fresh, clear water throughout the year. Bueng Sam Phan is used for the...

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Bueng Si Fai
Bueng Si Fai(Phichit)

Bueng Si Fai is a large freshwater lake and swamp to the south of town. It is also a freshwater fish-breeding facility owned by the Fishery Department. Along the banks is a beautifully landscaped park suitable for rest a...

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Bueng Thap Tae
Bueng Thap Tae(Uthai Thani)

Locals rely on Beung Thap Tae, a swamp approximately eight kilometers long and 300 meters wide, for water and fish. During the cooler winters, hungry grebes from other regions migrate to the swamp. Present day Beung Tha...

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Bung Boraphet
Bung Boraphet(Nakhon Sawan)

Bueng Boraphet, or Boraphet Marsh, is the largest freshwater lake in Thailand, boasting over 200 square kilometers of land and earning it the moniker of “Northern Sea” or “Great Lake”. Almost 200 ...

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Bung Thale Ban

Bung Thale Ban is a large swamp situates in the middle of a valley surrounded by Chin and Wang Pra Mountains. The swamp covers an area of 320 square kilometers and is full of freshwater fish and shells. The park built a ...

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