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With Thailand welcoming more than 15 million visitors in 2010, it is impossible for any one book or website to meet all the varied needs, tastes, and desires of every type of tourist. Nonetheless, this website’s goal is to continually work towards coming as close as possible to doing just this.

Our new Theme Travel section focuses on delivering in-depth tourist information to five major groups of tourists: Luxury, Romance, Budget, Family, and Seniors. These categories cover a great many tourists, and before long, we will be addressing the needs of many more visitors with the addition of even more groups.

And when we say “in-depth,” we mean extremely comprehensive information on virtually every facet of your trip, from choosing the best travel deals to the most appropriate destinations, to the various transportation and accommodation options available, through very useful travel tips aimed at each specific group of people.

We believe you will be able to develop the perfect itinerary for your party through a careful perusal of these pages. Those who wish to splurge will learn exactly where they can do so, while honeymooners—whether young or more experienced—will discover those romantic retreats and hideaways that are revealed in these pages.

Budget travelers need no longer worry about taking chances on happening upon inexpensive lodging or places to eat. Families can plan ahead and take advantage of travel and accommodation discounts. And seniors can plan the perfect itinerary according to their choice of activities and lifestyle.

Of course, travelers to Thailand not falling exclusively into any of these specific categories can pick and choose as they like from within any particular segment. For example, you may want to treat yourself to one luxurious weekend, or spend a few days conserving funds, or perhaps you’re looking for something new and exciting for your family, or a special gift to take home with you.

Whatever your reason, question, or interest, there’s a good chance you’ll find just what you’re looking for here—and much more as well.

Whether you like to laze by the beach, sip a sunset cocktail on a sky bar or a lounge in a boutique hotel, Thailand has the best of everything.

Every civilization has its own vision of love and romance.Regarding something so ethereal, none can rightfully claim that their version is the best, but Thailand’s culture of romance is fascinating and alluring.

Thailand is a land of contrasts and contradictions, which is one of the main reasons that it is such a wonderful country to visit: you never know exactly what each new day will bring.

There are few countries in the world as exciting and rewarding to visit with your family as Thailand is. And there’s no better time to pack up the clan and go than now, for many reasons.

With more and more people living healthy and active lives well into their 70’s and beyond, the face of tourism in Thailand is responding in kind, and developing to meet the wishes and desires of the increasing number of senior visitors to the Kingdom.