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Royal Palace

Everyone visits Bangkok’s grand palace, but what many visitors do not know is that the kings of Thailand built various palaces in various locations around their realm. For example, three kings of the Ratanakosin Period built their rainy season retreats in Petchaburi, just south of Bangkok; consequently, Petchaburi is also known as Muang Sam Wang, the city of the three palaces. From Bangkok to Hua Hin, kings have built fantastic palaces many of which are now open for visitors to experience and explore, including the following Thai Royal Palaces listed below.

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Ancient Palace

The Royal Palace or The ancient Palace is located near Wat Mongkol Borpit temple. At present, there is only the remains of the building’s base. Only Wat Phra Si Sanphet is there with the glamorous architecture. It ...

Elephant Kraal Pavilion

Elephant Kraal Pavilion (Phaniat) is located in Suan Phrik sub-district. It is four kilometers away from the city along Highway 347 at km 42-43. It is on the same way as Wat Phu Khao Thong, but you need to turn right and...

Bang Pa-in Palace

Few miles down the Chao Phraya River finds Bang Pa-in Palace, a complex of royal residences first built in around the 17th century to serve as a summer palace of Ayutthaya kings. It was later abandoned and ruined until K...

Prasat Nakhon Luang

Prasat Nakhon Luang is located in amphoe Nakhon Luang near River Pa Sak, Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Province. The word "Nakhon Luang" is derived from "Muang Phra Nakhon Luang" aka "Sriyasothornpura" in Cambodia. The templ...

The Grand Palace

Probably the most visited and remembered landmark of Thailand, The Grand Palace in Bangkok is where every visitor must pay a visit at least once in their lifetime. The construction of the Grand Palace began in 1782 durin...