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CHA – AM International Kite Festival
CHA – AM International Kite Festival

8 March 2014 - 9 March 2014

Contact Details : TAT Call Center 1672

    TAT Phetchaburi Office

    Tel. +66 3247 1005-6

Category : Fairs & Festivals

Scale : International

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1. The enormously fancy kite show more than 100 sets from many countries, with various forms and dazzling colors

- In order to welcome the year of the horse, we provide 2 sets of horse kites having the size more than 12 meters

 To match with the atmosphere of being nearby the beach, we offer you a joyful whale, a ceaseless starfish, a long-tailed ray, a globefish, a big-headed turtle, an alien octopus, a frog prince, a joyful jellyfish, together with outstandingly various colors for welcoming this summer.

- We want to please children with cartoon kites such as Casper, Santa Clause, Panda, Penguin, Wallace, Gromit, Findus and Hein Blöt

- Be excited with diverse animal kites like a dinosaur, a dragon, a centipede, a tiger, a puppy, a bird, a bear, a camel as well as an ostrich.

- Decorating vibrant colors on the sky by geometry kites with cool designs.

2. A stunt kite show using special techniques that have swiftness 

- Meet Stunt kite teams that are going to show array movements in many different forms, combing with the rhythm of songs on the sky

- To do the Revolution kite stunts on the sky, combining with the rhythm of songs

- At night in the middle of the sky, you are going to see LED kite shows, coming along with splashing light from a light and sound team, definitely fabulous Sounder

3. You are going to find the decorations of areas that are vivid by utilizing materials that are able to play with wind and sound such as swirling balls in a tunnel, a ribbon field, a giant jellyfish and colors changing pines

4. Activities, an exhibition and demonstrations that will specify the form of participation in family activiti

5. You are going to find kite stalls over 20 stalls and any other stall

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