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Stressbreaker is a 63ft live-aboard ketch offering
"All Inclusive" adventure sailing trips around the magnificent Archipelago of Phuket, Malaysia and Mergui in Myanmar (Burma).
The trips can be anything from a one day trip to Racha Yai outside Phuket up to 7 or 14 days to Malaysia or Myanmar. The adventure cruise heading south from Phuket, visiting many beautiful beaches and islands on your way to Langkawi, Malaysia, our final destination. Depending on your preferred charter dates, this trip also runs from Langkawi back to Phuket, following a similar itinerary.
Cuisine aboard is a mouth-watering combination of Thai and European dishes with complimentary spirits, soft drinks and cold beers available at all times. Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking and fishing are also included in the price.
So, if you fancy a week or more in paradise, on a classic sailing boat, with wonderful Thai cuisine, free drinks and plenty to do, read on......
stressbreaker - adventure sailing in the Andaman Sea Thailand Burma Myanmar
Mergui Archipelago
The Mergui Archipelago comprises hundreds of islands and stretches some 200 miles north from the Thailand border. It is one of the most beautiful and untouched areas in the world and is only accessible by sailboat. The area has some world class Snorkeling and Scuba Diving and is perfect for those who want to have a go. The ancient mangroves that line the rivers and inlets on Lampi Island provide a great opportunity for exploring with Sea Kayaks.
Stressbreaker sailing charter Thailand
The area is truly all the things that postcards promise. If you could paint a picture of paradise, the islands of Mergui Archipelago would be it.
These are the islands you'll never find in any travel agents' window... some 800 of them, almost all uninhabited, covered in rainforest and fringed by white sandy beaches. Most are surrounded by pristine coral reefs and all are lapped by the warm turquoise Andaman Sea. They are preserved in the truest sense, boasting a variety of wildlife including monkeys, wild boar and even Elephants. Bird life is prolific, with over 50 species including Hornbills, Egrets, Kites and Fish Eagles. Burma and Thailandkayak on the beach in Burma
Sailing the Mergui Archipelago is what Sailing Thailand was like 20 years ago; easy, gentle cruising and no other boats!!
Although the islands are almost all uninhabited, there are sea gypsies (Moken) who are indigenous to the Mergui Archipelago.
These people have lived their nomadic existence in the area for hundreds of years, effectively cut off from the outside world.
During the trip we often encounter these fascinating people and have the opportunity to see how they live, despite the modern world.
mother & daughter sea moken
Adventure Sailing Trips
sailing on stressbreaker in Thailand Burma Myanmar
The "Adventure" tag applies not only to the fun, freedom and excitement of being out on the ocean on your own yacht, but also to the Stressbreaker get-involved approach, where everyone is part of a real "crew" - not just passengers to be ferried about according to some strict itinerary, or the whim of the captain.
Click here for a suggested sailing itinerary
There's no obligation to pull on ropes if you don't want to - but if you'd like to learn more about sailing, we'd love to teach you. For already experienced sailors - hey, great! - come take the helm and tweak the sails as much as you like!
"Adventure" also applies to the sort of places we go and the things we do. Each day we visit a different island and try and do something "out of the ordinary".
Sailing charter Thailand
Whether :
* Snorkeling among pristine coral reefs
* Sea Kayaking through ancient mangroves
* Exploring uninhabited islands or
* Scuba diving
You can be sure you won't get bored.
This is an adventure sail charter where you can do as much or as little as you wish. Whether snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, beachcombing, trying your hand at fishing or just relaxing, we will sail you to some of the most beautiful unspoilt areas in the world.

Operating time : Daily

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